Color Club Foil Me Once

This post is out of order- I tried out Color Club Foil Me Once from the new Foiled collection just before deciding to cut down my nails last week.  Foiled reminds me a lot of those “Chrome” polishes that were popular several years back- I think Sally Hansen did a Chrome line as well as Maybelline, and many other companies I’m sure.  Foil Me Once is a light pink metallic. 

I believe there were six colors in the Foiled collection- two blues, a green, a rose pink, and a champagne in addition to Foil Me Once.  They are all very pretty colors, but I would have expected this color set to be a spring release instead.  At any rate, Foil Me Once was easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats and dried very quickly.  The only downside is that you can see the ridge flaws on my nails so clearly since I didn’t buff them down… -.-  This color also dries a bit darker (i.e. more intensely pink) than what you see looking at the bottle. 



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  1. desertnails8 replied:

    I got this collection at Ross along with the glitter collection. And they match up! Each foil is the perfect layer to go underneath a specific glitter. It’s amazing!

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