Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm SPF15, PA+

I picked up two Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balms the other day simply because the packaging was so cute.  01 is Cherry, and 02 Blueberry- I assume the balm inside is supposed to be correspondingly scented.  But to me, 01 Cherry smells like blueberry candy and 02 Blueberry smells more like grape… it could very well be just me, though!  Both scents remind me of tart candy- for some reason Pez comes to mind. 🙂

01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry

The balm inside is sheerly tinted, 01 Cherry being a warmer peachy pink and 02 Blueberry a cooler lavender-pink.  The colors look very similar in the pot, but you can see the tonal difference once swatched/applied.    Here are a couple of photos:

01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry


01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry


I really like these, mostly for the cuteness factor.   I like to apply pot gloss with a lipbrush, but for those who don’t mind using a finger, these are totally portable and a cute addition to your makeup bag!  They’re great for layering, too!


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