Chanel Graphite

Seeing the new Chanel nail colors, I was pleasantly surprised at how dimensional and vibrant they seemed in person compared to the online pictures I’d seen. I wanted to grab all three, but settled on Graphite, since that was the one I’d originally come out for.

This is three light coats. Application was a dream, smooth and even, and the color is so unique- it almost reminds me of salt and pepper, with its unexpected warm (as in the tiniest-bit-golden) glow.

I just may have to go back for the other two now…


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Zoya Dannii Konadicure

I’ve been steering away from darker colors lately, mostly because of the inevitable staining that they leave behind on my nails.  But today the bf tossed me Zoya Dannii (ZP 537), telling me that it would be an interesting color under a white Konad design.  Intrigued, I decided to give it a try.  I can’t take credit for this manicure- the only part I did was the nail painting while the bf went stamp-happy, choosing Konad plates with a  floral/vine design.   (What can I say, we art majors tend to want to try any type of creative endeavor at least once.)  At the very least, this is proof that a first-time user of Konad can catch on pretty quickly.  🙂 

This is two coats of Dannii and Konad plates m31 and m37, used with white Konad polish.

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Skinfood Rose Essence Volume Lip Gloss

A couple of months ago I bought a set of Skinfood Rose Essence Volume Lip Glosses, but didn’t get around to trying them until I popped a couple in my travel bag for a trip to Shenzhen.  Despite my last-minute makeup bag choices, the Rose Essence Glosses turned out to be great in the hot, sunny weather when I didn’t really feel like walking around with a full face of melting makeup on.  These glosses apply sheerly, with a punch of rose fragrance (think actual rose oil).  They also layer great over lipstick, or if you want an in-between look, can be used as a “medium” to sheer down anything too heavy for summer. 

Here are 02-07, in order.  I think they did have names- possibly on the plastic seal that I tore off :X  Skinfood also makes a clear gloss in the Rose Essence Volume line (01) that isn’t pictured here. 

02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07

Here is a close up of the applicator, a paddle-shaped version of the traditional wand:

If you like sheer glosses and rose fragrance, do check these out!  You will need to re-apply throughout the day, but that should be no surprise for sheer gloss fans.

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Nubar Baby Sprout from Spring Garden 2011

I’ll admit it:  I’ve always loved the color pink more than any other, and nail polish being no exception to that rule, my collection is heavily pink-based.  Lately, however, I’ve found myself strangely fixated on greens and blues.  When Chanel Jade and MAC Peppermint Patti were released, I wasn’t on board the mint polish wagon yet, which I sorely regret now.  Spring Garden 2011 was the second time I bought an entire Nubar collection, and I was especially tickled with the pale green, Baby Sprout.

Here is Baby Sprout, a creamy pale green that reminds me of pistachio ice cream and Iceberg lettuce.  I am really loving this color right now!  This is three coats. 

I suppose I should be hitting my stash of autumn colors by now, but I just can’t seem to stop reaching for seasonally inappropriate pastels.  o_O

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Skinfood Vita Tok Lipstick

“Create watercolor lips with these shiny and bright water colors that burst with vitality!  Vita Tok Lipstick adds vibrant color and shine for kissable lips.”  Seeing what the tube promised, and given my weakness for all things Skinfood, I actually got all ten of these colors.  Sheer, shiny lipstick is one of my favorite things- in my opinion, it’s almost impossible to go wrong, since it builds off of your natural lip color.  These lipsticks are also fragranced with a mostly-candy, teeny-bit-floral scent. 

Live Orange OR01, Grapefruit Tok Tok OR02, Energy Coral OR03, Rooibos BR01, Cinnamon Choco BR02
Dorothy Berry PK01, Live Pink PK02, Sakura Peach PK03, Vanilla Therapy PK04, Cherry Drink RD01

As with most sheer lipsticks, I did need to reapply throughout the day, especially after meals- but this is a routine I’m used to given my penchant for glosses and shiny lips.  I think these are perfect for summer, especially the punchy pinks and oranges- definitely check these out if you’re into sheer candy colors!

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