Red-tipped Newsprint Nails

I usually don’t like to wear red, white, and black- reminds me of that little jingle in elementary school:  Red, white, and blue make a monkey out of you.  Red, white, and black make the bogeyman attack.  And then there’s this little play-on-words riddle:  What’s black, white, and red (read) all over?  A newspaper.

I was inspired to try newsprint nails after seeing a few photos online, and wanting to tip them with a bold color,  found myself reaching for a bold red.   The only newspaper I had on hand was in Chinese- maybe not such a bad thing, because the one thing I don’t like about newsprint manis is that the print is always backwards.  With Chinese, it’s harder for me to tell, probably because I can’t read it very well… :X   Anyway, here are my results. 

I used 3 thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow for a base color.  When dry, I put a couple drops of alcohol-based facial toner on my nail (I didn’t have rubbing alcohol on hand) and pressed nail-sized pieces of newsprint on top.  It looked a little faint, so I then cut out a few bolder headlines and pressed those on top.  It kind of goes without saying, but the firmer you press, the more ink transfer you will have.  I then tipped my nails with OPI Conquistadorable Color and finished with a coat of OPI Top Coat.

I wonder how comics or colored font would work?  Maybe I will have to experiment with that next time.


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