Chanel Summer haul

FINALLY… I have in my greedy little hands some of the colors from the Chanel Summer 2011 collection, plus an unexpected (but huge) bonus purchase… Chanel Blue Wish!

Glossimers Pink Peony (267) Pensee (277) and Aurore (287) are all beautiful, shimmery colors that look like they will provide sheer color with a lot of sparkle.

I am also happy to report that Morning Rose (557) looks so much prettier than I had expected. It is just so full of pale gold micro-shimmer and glimmer- I hope that translates onto the nail!

From what I can tell, I think Blue Wish (387) is going to work best as a topcoat. In the bottle, it is a a shade grey of periwinkle. The shimmer is mostly silver with a just a sprinkling of sapphire-blue (which, as I turn the bottle in the sunlight, seems to reflect teal).   I was really surprised to find that I was able to order it online, since (as far as I know) this was LE in 2009, sold exclusively for their Tokyo store launch.

This order definitely did not disappoint!  ^^


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One Comment

  1. Judy replied:

    I love Chanel glosses – your order sounds divine. I don’t even remember Blue Wish. Hmm. I may have to stalk the web siteLOL!

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