Etude Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit

Over the weekend, I got a chance to play with my newly acquired Etude Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit .   This is a set of three 7 mL polishes for a gradation-effect manicure:  1 (base), a sheer peach; 2 (middle), a slightly warmer peach with tiny sparkles and medium-sized orange and gold glitter flecks; and 3 (top), a sheer tangerine with tiny sparkles and small tangerine glitter flecks.   Application directions state that 1 is supposed to be applied to the whole nail, 2 to half the nail, and 3 to the tip, letting the polish dry between coats. 

I was a little skeptical as to how this would turn out as all three of the polishes seemed sheer, and I thought that the polish with the larger-sized glitter should be last?  But the results pleasantly surprised me. 

natural light


with flash

Even though 2 and 3 are applied to sections of the nail, the polishes are sheer enough that even up close you can’t see a  visible polish line.  I usually don’t wear sheer colors because my nails are usually stained from relentless polish wear.  With the orange-based Miss  Tangerine set, this wasn’t an issue- the orange shade actually worked with my yellowish nails.  I wish they made this kit in more colors!  Pink, violet, blue? 

The Miss Tangerine Petit Darling Nails Kit is part of Etude’s  Miss Tangerine color story, and is limited edition.


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