Hello Kitty!

One of the best things about being in Asia is that you can get almost anything in Hello Kitty design. I’m sure the majority is not Sanrio-licensed, and there are knock-offs with skewed facial proportions, but there are enough legitimate HK items to be had that would make it possible to easily have a home and wardrobe in HK design. I was one of the people who signed up at Bank of America for their Hello Kitty card; now, my place in China has so much HK stuff it would take me a day to list it all.

My latest purchase was a Samsung Hello Kitty phone, with HK-themed wallpaper (really cute) and even Hello Kitty ringers (not that cute).

I also ordered 3 pairs of Bubbleflops from Korea.  There are actually two more patterns- one sold out before I could grab it and the other doesn’t have the Hello Kitty face beads so I didn’t get it.

This Hello Kitty MP3 player is also from Korea.  It comes with a red snap-on bow and flower so you can play dress-up while listening to music I suppose.  Of course, I had to get a few silicone skins to protect the player. 


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World Cup

My ~month of obsessively watching soccer at all hours of the day and night is officially over. Congratulations to Spain. Now I can continue on my regular schedule of a TV-less life. I must admit the only reason I even started to care about the World Cup was watching South Korea’s success in 2002. Of course, they are still my favorite team and I was quite heartbroken at what I considered to be an untimely exit this year.

I must have had a lot of time between matches (the quarterfinals were at 11 pm and 2:30 am local time) as I decided to eke out some spirit nail art. 

Still supporting Korea ^^

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