Color Club Foil Me Once

This post is out of order- I tried out Color Club Foil Me Once from the new Foiled collection just before deciding to cut down my nails last week.  Foiled reminds me a lot of those “Chrome” polishes that were popular several years back- I think Sally Hansen did a Chrome line as well as Maybelline, and many other companies I’m sure.  Foil Me Once is a light pink metallic. 

I believe there were six colors in the Foiled collection- two blues, a green, a rose pink, and a champagne in addition to Foil Me Once.  They are all very pretty colors, but I would have expected this color set to be a spring release instead.  At any rate, Foil Me Once was easy to apply, opaque in 2 coats and dried very quickly.  The only downside is that you can see the ridge flaws on my nails so clearly since I didn’t buff them down… -.-  This color also dries a bit darker (i.e. more intensely pink) than what you see looking at the bottle. 


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China Glaze Skyscraper

I finally dug into my haul of  China Glaze Metro polishes!  Of course, I had to go for a glitter and picked Skyscraper to try out on my newly shortened nails.  The inky base color reminds me of dark-wash denim and the silver sparkles keep it bright and lively. 


This is three coats, all of which I needed for opacity, no topcoat.  My nails are kind of ridged now- I haven’t taken time lately to buff them smooth- and the texture of the glitter hides it perfectly!   Skyscraper would make a great winter pedicure color as well.  A keeper for sure!

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OPI Honk If You Love OPI NOTD

In my quest to keep remembering that September = fall colors, I tried out OPI Honk If You Love OPI from the Touring America collection.  Looking at the bottle, the color reminds me of grape juice concentrate- just the tiniest bit too red to be eggplant, but not quite dark enough for me to think of actual Concord grapes.  (Which are, by the way, something I’m really craving now…).  On the nail it comes out a shade darker, and a little less opaque. 

Here’s a dry nail/bottle color comparison. 

Both pictures are of two thin coats of polish.  Application was easy and I had no issues with VNL, unlike with some of the more recent OPI shades.  (Yes, I’m thinking of you, Texas collection.)     I am dreading taking this one off- I’m sure that I’ll have stained nails underneath this rich color.   I guess that just means I should give up and go dark, at least for the rest of the season.

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Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm SPF15, PA+

I picked up two Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balms the other day simply because the packaging was so cute.  01 is Cherry, and 02 Blueberry- I assume the balm inside is supposed to be correspondingly scented.  But to me, 01 Cherry smells like blueberry candy and 02 Blueberry smells more like grape… it could very well be just me, though!  Both scents remind me of tart candy- for some reason Pez comes to mind. 🙂

01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry

The balm inside is sheerly tinted, 01 Cherry being a warmer peachy pink and 02 Blueberry a cooler lavender-pink.  The colors look very similar in the pot, but you can see the tonal difference once swatched/applied.    Here are a couple of photos:

01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry


01 Cherry, 02 Blueberry


I really like these, mostly for the cuteness factor.   I like to apply pot gloss with a lipbrush, but for those who don’t mind using a finger, these are totally portable and a cute addition to your makeup bag!  They’re great for layering, too!

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OPI Zom-body to Love (Spook-ettes mini)

I ordered Zom-body to Love after seeing pictures online, and was expecting a much darker color.  In person, this polish looked to be a dark mint in the bottle and a much lighter mint applied.  This is three coats, and as you can see, VNL is an issue.  Perhaps Zom-body is meant to be used with the black crackle it’s paired with in a full-size duo, or layered on top of another color. 


This glow-in-the-dark polish was one I’d been waiting for since seeing the promo pics, and I immediately put in on my nails to see how the glow effect would be once I turned out the lights (yes, I’m a dork, even though it was noon I went into an dark bathroom and shut the door).  The glow is awesome, especially if you “charge” your nails first by holding them to a bright light for a few seconds!  The only thing about this polish is that it has a weird texture.  My pic makes it look deceivingly glossy, which it’s not.  It’s kind of grainy, almost like a smoother version of the OPI cap itself.  Or certain Formica countertops.  Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.

Regardless of texture and coverage, the glow-in-the-dark feature makes this polish a keeper.  It’s available in the Spook-ettes set as one of four minis, or as a full-size  in the Pair ‘Em Scare ‘Em duo matched with a black crackle.

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